Advance Excel

Advance Excel

Management information system where you need to prepare multiple reports and data analysis for your management, your management partners, your business partners, or anyone directly or indirectly involved in the business. As the industry is moving at a fast pace in the field of data analytics, MIS has become the most important place in any business to make decisions that are important to run a venture. For that, you need to have a strong hand in MS Excel and VBA macros for preparing many reports. The areas that needs to be effective, strong data presentation skills, have strong formula writing skills, strong interpretation skills using MS Excel, strong analytical skills, and you also have strong Excel VBA macros skills, which can be used to fix repetition issue, meaning, if you repeat more than one number of activity on a day to day, weekly basis or monthly basis, that can be done using the VBA Macro skills.

Why Avenirhub?

Avenirhub is a place where you’ll be able to find solutions that are related to skill enhancement and MIS related problems covering tools like VBA Macro & MS Excel. Our aim primarily is to develop professionals those who are working so that they can get recruited for this field, face MIS interview related questions, and be professionals in such a way that they could start showcasing their skills for any organizations from day one.  We train candidates on real-time industry data, and all training sessions will be on a practical basis so that they have industry performance on the data and start preparing reports on demand.

At Avenirhub, the training we provide will based on practice material, case studies, questions, exercises, and projects that participants have a better understanding of all aspects of reporting and analysis. Knowledge is more important for these allowances but they will play an important role after completion of training. After completion of this training, the participant may seek any opportunity that is in data analysis, reporting, and MIS. Having Excel and Macros Knowledge, the participant can begin with an opportunity that relates to data presentation, data analysis, data arrangement, and data interpretation.

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Advance Excel Module

Module 1: Introduction to Excel
  • Basic Understanding Menu and Toolbar,
  • Introduction to different category of functions like Basics,
  • Mathematical and Statistical,
  • Date and Time, Logical, Lookup and References,
  • Text and Information.
  • Row Column Formula Bar Quick Access Toolbar Sheet Protection ,
  • Hide / Unhide Sheets ,
  • Tab Color ,
  • Formatting ,
  • Print, Print Preview Etc
Module 2: Sheets
  • Conditional Formatting ,
  • Filter Sheet ,
  • Pivot Table ,
  • Attendance Sheet ,
  • Automatic Attendance Sheet ,
  • Salary Sheet ,
  • Scenario Manager ,
  • Branch Sheet ,
  • Intermediate Sheet ,
  • Date Formula Sheet ,
  • Emi / Loan Sheet ,
  • Vlookup ,
  • Hlookup ,
  • Charts ,
  • Group ,
  • Ungroup ,
  • Subtotal ,
  • Data Validation Etc
Module 3: Formula
  • Sum ,
  • Sumif ,
  • Match ,
  • Count ,
  • Count If ,
  • Countblank ,
  • Round ,
  • Roundup ,
  • Round Down ,
  • Average ,
  • Max ,
  • Min ,
  • Log ,
  • Sqrt ,
  • Pmt ,
  • Ppmt ,
  • Ipmt ,
  • If ,
  • Iferror ,
  • Text ,
  • Date ,
  • Datevalue , And many more
Module 4: Data Validation
  • Specifying a valid range of values for a cell
  • Specifying a list of valid values for a cell.
  • Specifying custom validations based on formula for a cell.
Module 5: Pivot Table and Charts
  • Import and Export data,
  • Protect/Unprotect sheets/workbooks.
  • Worksheet formatting and Print Display
Module 6: Lookup & Reference Functions
  • VLookup,
  • HLookup,
  • Index,
  • Match,
  • Offset,
  • Indirect,
  • Address,
  • Column,
  • Rows,
  • Choose,
  • Arrays Concept In Lookup Formula’s,
  • Past Special, Past link