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Digital Marketing

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Although digital marketing is in great demand, it is yet to become a mainstream subject for students at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. This has developed a big gap for specialists those who are skilled and can be ready for the job from day one. It also means, if you enter digital marketing, you will be in the demand spotlight. Avenirhub has brought solutions for you and designed its program to provide you with end-to-end career support, from skills-based training to job support. We prepare you for the job from day one.

HR Generalist

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Avenirhub is an internationally acclaimed HR certification and training company that offers a variety of HR training programs tailored to your goals, qualifications, experience, and ability. The Avenirhub curriculum is designed using state-of-the-art research and practical scenarios and case studies from the business itself.

HR Payroll

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Avenirhub offers HR payroll training program for candidates that refers to the business management especially for those who are looking to build a career in the field of HR payroll processing. HR Payroll training is a basic aspect and very significant of any HR department in a business organization and where the operator is required to calculate the salaries of his employees after making all deductions and compensating accurately and timely. The course is committed to help students understanding all the legal compliance & statutory, learning the effective tools to make payroll processing very easy and effective.

Advance Excel

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Training provide Advanced Excel Training in Lucknow which is most important part of growing career. No matter to which field you belong to, Microsoft Excel always plays an important role for all the working professionals in many ways. According to the traditional evaluation, around 250 million individuals are using this tool. From formatting cells to integrating Microsoft Excel with some other software, you may get to see numerous features of Microsoft Excel. To understand the advanced features of Excel, one needs to undergo the advanced Excel training.