About Us

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Who We are ?

Avenirhub is a Lucknow based company serving on a PAN-India basis. It was founded by Tanmay Shukla and Co-founded by Sumit Singh Yadav in the year, 2015. With an experience of more than 5 long years in the Indian market, has proved the company to be a leading player, which is phenomenal. The company believes in passion for people considering their smart investment leading to intelligent technology and helping other organizations realizing their true potential by hiring these talents or recruits. Avenirhub offers solutions like permanent staffing &  temporary, outsourcing, and other workforce solutions in the areas of finance, engineering and HR, accounting, IT, sales/marketing, and not the least manufacturing and logistics

Our Mission

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Our mission is to not only gain a huge customer base but also to focus primarily on providing the best service to its existing customers as well. The firm is committed to providing top-notch service in a cost-effective manner.

We believe that the welfare of employees revolves around a great HR strategy and only possible through strategies that can help people in bringing out their best and are consequently of paramount importance for any organization that wants to improve its productivity. We rely on our leading-edge thought system supported by proven recruitment processes and a wide network to identify and recruit the best potential candidates for our client organizations. This capability, coupled with a certain sensitivity that we have internalized from our years of experience, helps us manage talent efficiently and thus makes us the partner of choice for all smart organizations.

Our Vission

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To be a leader in delivering reliable end-to-end human resource management services. We have become the company of choice for both large multinationals and growing SMEs. Over the past decade, we have set standards for the delivery, quality & reliability. What made us stand out in the crowd is the flawless processes with expert administration service of HR outsourcing solutions. At Avenirhub, we make it a precedence to understand and learn about our customers and their expertise. We guarantee our customers a better experience and flexibility they need us. Our customers appreciate that we know how to listen and we are proud of their success as an organization. We consider ourselves a reliable, agile, and responsive because we comprehend the importance of our service to a company and its employees - it’s never to be taken for the granted process.

Why Choose Us?

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Our years of experience in both recruitment and human resources mean that we are able to work as an extension of the HR department, working in close partnership with our clients and offering the best possible advice to our candidates. We take time to understand the need of every candidate and customer and we work with honesty to get results.

We provide innovative approaches to each of our client's unique needs. We have the resources & capabilities to steer the most challenging looking aspects of your recruitment process. We add value and great effort in your recruitment process with an additional level of support all the time. Our services have evolved based on international best practices and learning, out of several assignments we have executed over the years and tailored it for our clients' businesses.